drawing mermaids is a great stressbuster! here is a lonely ice mermaid waiting for someone cute to show up
rip zayn malik’s hot uncle prince oberyn martell :-( gone but never forgotten

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kidstons, are you from Omaha!? That’s totally a view of downtown Omaha from Carter Lake!

bethanyactually Haha no I’m from Malta! I just did a bit of research and lifted the background from a WikiCommons photo :) I’m glad you liked it!

how old is too old to be emotionally devastated by bittersweet YA love stories??
obsessed w/ this song rn
doodle i did for salvador dali’s bday a few days ago ehhh
bran meera n jojen just hangin out in the woods
need heaps more colouring practice whoops
"Je ne suis la petite belette de personne" dit Amélie Poulain.
Opaque  by  andbamnan